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What's going on with the embedded stuff at the moment?
Doesn't matter. I have to watch this fairly soon. Looks great.


Soon another Stornoway

Soon another album coming from Stornoway. Until the March 11th, this will have to do - and so it does:


Nothing too bright

It's mostly dark here.

During the brief and ever dwindling moment of daylight we do have, everything appears stripped of color and vibrance, instead adopting a grey and depthless appearance. With slow determination, the yearly bout of SAD is settling like a snug blanket over a human social landscape of indifference, entering into an alarmingly ironic juxtaposition of the hollow promises of plush joy and peace to which we fall prey year after year.

During danish winter at least, the mass of men do indeed lead lives of quiet desperation.

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Would you?

These people are an insult to their trade (whatever it might be.

Much too liberal use of Capitalization, random flyer placement, spelling and spelling.


Don't inult my intelligence!


Nerdy stuff is funny

How does one explain what recursion is?
It's simple:

recursion: n.

      See recursion.

If facebook dies

I'm not on t'book, the yorkshireman said.

Even more reason to find this statement funny:

"If Facebook ever shuts down, you'll see people roaming the streets shoving pictures in others faces screaming 'Do you like this!?..DO YOU??"

I hope it happens. No-one will be any worse off. Actually, I would argue that many people would be better off.

It might actually force some people to maintain personal relations...in person. Suddenly, the logistics of actually contacting someone, facing them, looking at them, and speaking to them will appear as almost unsurmountable obstacles. So sad.


Mushroom Time

Got the first mushroom crop of the year today.

My dad and I went for a nice long walk with our wicker baskets, some coffee, a book on mushroom identification and my camera.

It was nice. I have now dried them all in the oven and already some were used for the Spaghetti Bolognese we had for tea.

Here's a shot of some Amethyst Deceiver before they slipped into my basket:)

Unsure how it deceives, but it's sure attractive. Loads were just popping out of the ground and I might have to go back to pick them in a weeks time.



Holy mackerel

So, what is up with these mackerel. I have never caught any mackerel before this year and I had never actually seen a shoal/school of them. But this year was to be different. For some reason I have had the fortune to catch mackerel on two occasions, most recently this past Friday night, where I went to the coast with my brother in law and we immediately spotted them hunting tobis and other small fish really near the coast. I got 3 but my brother in law didn't manage to get any.

Didn't manage to get a photo this time, but here's one from last time:

Looking forward to having fresh smoked mackerel with the family again.


Funky fly and The Terrible Sadistro

Another evening in the lovely sun and did a macro trek to the few spots where there's always something strange going on.

Found this funky fly with amazing eyes:

"I know it looks like some really cool shades, but it's my eyes. Really! Yes, they are striped, you're right - I'd never thought of that!"

"I know it looks like some really cool shades, but it's my eyes. Really! Yes, they are striped, you're right - I've never thought of that!"

So after a while spent desperately trying to find some spiders, I stumbled across two of these fellas. They look terrifying with their spiked spikes, and remind me of a character in a book my dad read to me when I was a child. The character is called "The Terrible Sadistro", and in the story, he basically captures innocent bugs and puts them in his terrible prison for no reason whatsoever. He captures a ladybird called Marietta and the heroic boyfriend - whose name escapes me - gets loads of other insects involved in a rescue mission the crux of which includes Sadistro being squashed under a twig. All very dramatic.

So tonight, I got to see the caterpillar which may have been the inspiration for the book:

Behold The Terrible Sadistro - he takes ladybirds as slaves in his secret den.

Behold The Terrible Sadistro - he takes ladybirds as slaves in his secret den...and probably does unspeakable things to them.


Garden macro

Got out my macro lens this afternoon. I also dug out the old macro flash and had a mini phototrek around our garden for some bugs.

I managed to find a fair few bugs, but because I had chosen the warmest part of the day, all the bugs were far too active and thus really difficult to photograph. Also, the sun was a bit harsh, so I had to find shady spots to work in.

Here's a spider hanging out at the top of a nettle near our compost.

"Why is my belly so itchy?"

"Why is my belly so itchy?"

Nice to photograph a bit again. May have to do it more often.

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